Am I a Racist and/or a Sexist?

“I don’t want my daughter living next door to niggers.” ~Racist guy I knew in the 1990s

We hear it all the time: if you don’t support this cause or that cause, if you don’t admit to this violation or that, if you don’t confess to the correct line of thinking, that you are evil, you are the enemy. It is the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) mantra.

In this context, in recent years, I am increasingly being told that I am a racist, a sexist, and sexual harasser.

Am I these things? First and very much foremost, you and your group, no matter who you are, don’t get to define me.

  • #blacklivesmatter. For some reason, lots of non-blacks are threatened by this hashtag, but I certainly am not. I take it at its face value, as an assertion of value to a group of people who identify as black. But…
  • You are not black. I am not white. Those are long-embedded stereotypes that are scientifically and culturally vacant. In the literal sense, we are all shades of melanin, the pigment that colors our skin. Even the whitest parts of me are not white, and all I have to do is hold a piece of paper up next to me to prove it. The darkest parts of my darkest friends are not black, and all I have to do it put my arm brace (which is true black) on them to prove it.
  • “African-American” is the latest racist fallback label used to describe a group of people once called negroes. Its use is deeply flawed. It describes my friend Abe Ekal about as well as “Welsh-American” describes me, meaning not at all. In an enlightened culture, he’s just Abe and I’m just Richard.
  • The “you’re a racist” crowd loves to gloss over facts the same way the creationists do. They cling to examples from dramatic instance, mostly television headlines and social media memes, and froth at the mouth for justice, no matter how unjust it is.
  • Let’s analyze one of the videos in question, “Another person lying about the police on the internet.” A police officer is polite and professional, and doing his duty, while the person who got the traffic citation makes a video claiming racism. Watch the video, and tell me the timestamp where the cop was racist. That’s it. Easy, right?
  • The media, of which I am a member, can play into this view. A news story by Joe Robertson of The Kansas City Star recently claimed, “Ciara Howard’s last act of defiance was slamming closed the door (in the police officer’s faces).” I watched the video. Her actual last act of defiance was to point a loaded .45 at the police repeatedly. Way to go, Robertson. (The article now seems to have been redacted.)
  • Many of my most adherent #blacklivesmatter friends are so far to the end of the line they simply hate me for just being white. Is that right? I’d love to know how.
  • Those same people are mostly white, well-off, and inclined to be socially self-righteous. They make a point to redefine “racist” every time someone is able to successfully defend themselves against their accusations, so that eventually everyone they hope to accuse fits their definition.
What will we do? For me, the answer is simple: learn right from wrong for myself and don't let angry groups tell me what to do or think.
What will we do? For me, the answer is simple: learn right from wrong for myself and don’t let angry groups tell me what to do or think.
  • I was astonished and mystified by the “#metoo” movement, not because of its premise (that sexual harassment and sexual abuse happens), but because lives were ruined and reputations trashed without due process. It’s a form of lynching that is beyond the pale of civilized behavior. And it only took one generation to forget why it was wrong.
  • I witnessed mountains of this shit in the early 1990s, in what could only be called mass hysteria. If you didn’t accept their assertion that ritual sexual sexual abuse was widespread and absolutely unchallengeable, you were worse than the alleged abusers themselves. It was a tall tower of obscene lies, and millions of people bought into it. Thousands of lives were ruined.

What’s the point in pretending to live in a world of open discourse, recourse to the law, and open-mindedness? I’m sick to death of the SJW scene. If a large enough and self-righteous enough group decides you are something, you are that thing, whether you are or not. Sometimes it seems like the only way they will accept that you are not a racist is to admit you are a racist.

If you think this entry is an advocacy of racism, you aren’t paying attention, and if you think I am a racist, you have been brainwashed.

The comment at the start of this entry was really uttered by someone who is truly, demonstrable, and self-admittedly, a racist. When you call me a racist, you are equating me with him.

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  1. I, for one, find your entire blog filed with the view points of a white, Atheist, educated left-handed man of dubious politically liberal leanings. It’s like you’re not even trying…

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