Fake Dookie

U. S. Strategic Blank Page Reserve

Ersatz Herzogy = Fake Dookie

“Stop peeing on me. I am full now.” -D

“‘Outstanding!’ he says, as he straightens his genitals and cuts a celebratory fart.” -B

“I kinda think in a puddle.” -R

“an errand boy sent by Satan’s 3rd floor custodian to collect a triangular granite tablet with strange cuneiform scribblings drooled from the eager lips of an 80-year-old virginal abbott lokated somewhere in the marijuana jungles of Alsace-LORRAINE. He never smiles.” -D

Drool tournament. He honks!

“…with his pants around his ankles. Nothing more terrifying.” -?

“I have a hairy garage.” -M

“It’s black, sweet and cold, just like my men.” -T

Then suddenly, Mandrake’s pouch burst, leaking vital fluid.