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The photographer in the image in this post is using the latter-day technique of shooting from an angle that’s hard to get while looking through a viewfinder.

Looking up or down with a wide angle lens at a ladder, hillside, ski slope, swing set, church, Christmas tree, hiking trail, fountain, radio tower, Ferris wheel… you get the idea … anything that has lines and forms that can be used to invite our viewer into the image… can create very exciting compositions.

This was harder to do in the film days because the framing is just a guess, since the camera is so high or low that we can’t see what it’s seeing. But in the digital era, we can instantly review what we just shot and fit whatever might need to be fixed.

Don’t hesitate to play around with unusual angles and compositions. It can really pay off.

A photographer makes a low-angle shot looking up a ladder at New Mexico's Taos Pueblo in October 2014.
A photographer makes a low-angle shot looking up a ladder at New Mexico’s Taos Pueblo in October 2014.

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  1. The vari-angle LCD with “live view” has been a bonus on my latest DSLR (60D) that I wasn’t really expecting to use. I still haven’t used it *often*, but a few times it’s kept me from having to lie in the dust or grass to get a low-down closeup.

    Not to mention how easy it is to frame self-portraits.

    Before the foldout LCD screens, I spent a lot of time making five or ten of the same image, trying to stand in the right place. 🙂

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