Behold a Giant Muh

Now More Than Ever

This rain soaked dandelion pod was the most elegant thing I photographed all day.

What can you do to stay healthy in this crisis?

Well, first, get healthy.

Why is everyone so scared of getting sick from a pandemic virus, but those same people make no effort to actually be healthy? They don’t eat right, they don’t exercise, they don’t control their blood pressure, they don’t take care of themselves. If you really need to be worried about something, worry about getting your Type II diabetes and your rampant obesity under control.

For me, the elephant in the room isn’t people’s bad choices affecting them, but their bad choices affecting people like Abby, whose immune system gives her no choice.

Today I walked my wolfhound twice, then I spent some of the afternoon dragging branches to my brush pile, which I might burn later tonight. It is hard work, but I feel very certain that hard work makes us stronger, and better able to stay healthy anytime.

Hawken the Irish Wolfhound would walk ten times a day if I took him.
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