Behold a Giant Muh

The Hazy, Late-Summer Sun

My one remaining Rose-of-Sharon bush shows off its blossoms last night. I shot this with my 15-year-old Minolta Dimage 7i digital camera because I love the way it renders colors, and I love its 14-point sunstars.

It has been graciously cooler this summer than in global warming warmed previous summers. We had two short heat waves, which disrupted the tomatoes in my garden, but not the bell peppers, which apparently love the heat.

I cut these up and ate them as a salad last night, all fresh from the garden. I was reminded of why I eat a plant-based diet recently when a Facebook friend had a heart attack on a road trip to Santa Fe, and thankfully got a stent inserted, saving his life.

It’s been hazy the last week, possibly because of wildfires out west. My friend Dan, however, reported that in his home in nearby southern Arkansas, it is very clear and very hot.

Summer the Chihuahua, who we adopted in April, is full of energy and loves us. She zooms around the house, then naps on Abby’s lap, or, as in this photo, on the big turquoise couch.

I’ve been sharp, though. I am shooting and writing well. Abby is good. All three dogs are happy. I wrote this just to tag in.

Hawken the Irish Wolfhound actually weighs in at about 165 pounds, just a little more than I do. He is the kindest, gentlest animal I have ever known. He walks me every night.
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