Behold a Giant Muh

Nights in White Satin and Grey Flannel

A couple of notes about living in the country.

  1. I photographed a girl named Lauryn Hawkins today. I told her I have an Irish Wolfhound with a similar name, Hawken, and she said, “I know, I’ve seen you walking him.”
  2. When I was filling out payroll at the Tech Center for their pay switch to Express Temp, the clerk said, “You used to photograph me when I played basketball as a kid.” It’s a very common sentence in my lexicon.

Abby wanted satin sheets, so we ordered some. She likes them a lot, but I think it’s like sleeping in snot. We also couldn’t find an electric blanket in stock locally, as it’s the wrong time of the year, so she ordered one from Target. It’s grey microfiber, and it’s like a giant flannel shirt for the bed.

A perfect synergy: a warm, inviting grey flannel atop a thick layer of snot.
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