Behold a Giant Muh

On High

This view from our rooftop looks east, You can see my car in the driveway, which leads 100 yards to the street.

I wanted to work outside today, since this summer I’ve been so busy mowing and trimming that other projects have been sidelined. Tonight I wanted to re-hang a couple of pieces of siding that blew off in a thunderstorm, and nail up two pieces of flashing that came off the peak of the roof gable. While I was at the top of the roof, I thought of two things…

I also checked on my amateur radio antennas, which were in good condition. Finally, noting that I had forgotten what a great view it was, I climbed down and then back up again with a camera to make a couple of images.

This two-panel panagraph shows the view from the roof looking west. From left to right you can see the garden, the unused chicken coop, the back yard, the unused dog house, and the pond, surrounded by pasture. The v-shape in the mowed grass in the upper right corner is an effort to create a walking and biking trail. (Click to see it larger.)
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