Behold a Giant Muh

Early Peaches

There are few things I like more about living in the country than the life: the rabbits, the frogs, the snakes, the wildflowers, the pasture, and the things I grow, like these peaches I picked tonight.

Abby got sick at the beginning of the month right around the same time historic rains came to our area. The two combined for a perfect storm of garden neglect. The vegetable garden is full of weeds, but it’s still growing tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and yellow squash.

I’ve had to mow a lot with the rains to keep up with the forest-like growth of the yards. As I ride by on the John Deere lately, I’ve been grabbing a peach or two from one of my trees. Tonight I stuck my head into its foliage and pulled out about six lopsided, knotty, partially ripe fruit and took them inside to cut up for a snack. They’re not pretty like grocery store peaches, but they tasted good.

I photographed them and ripped the card to my computer, where I saw a few frames I shot when Abby was in the hospital. It was a stormy night, and the power went out for a while. After doing some journal research by light from the hurricane lamps I gave to my parents for Christmas in 1989 (which I got back after they passed away), I went to bed with the power still out.

With the hurricane lamps lit and several flashlights around, including my headlamp set to red, I did some research on an old journal before turning in. Abby was in the hospital, so it was an oddly quiet, lonely night in the dark.
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