The Beauty of Fidelity

To me there is nothing another woman could offer that would compare to this smile.
To me there is nothing another woman could offer that would compare to this smile.

It may come as a disappointment or even a shock to some of my loyal readers to discover that I recently added a handful of friends to my Facebook account. The reason was ostensibly that I wanted to generate more traffic to our Facebook fan page, but in practice I think it was more about wanting to reconnect with a few lost souls I actually like. Add to that the fact that Tom and Chele‘s web presence is entirely on Facebook and therefore is the only way for us to see photos and videos of our grandson, and I feel justified in my actions. I will say, though, that I only have 35 friends, many of whom are kin, compared to one of my Facebook friends who has more than 1800.

Among other things, I have no intention of making Facebook the center of my web presence. The only thing I post to Facebook are links to, which brings us to the genesis of this entry.

Today Bambi Hampton posted something on her Facebook wall I thought deserved my attention…

Testify, Bambi!
Married guy “friends” of mine, it is very distasteful of you, to keep hitting on me. I’ve been polite, but it ends here. I’m about to call all of you out on Facebook. Yes. I am that sort of bitch. Don’t try me. And today, of all friggin days. Happy Valentine’s day.

I wanted to speak to this because the idea of marital infidelity is so fundamentally offensive to me. And thought I certainly have nothing to prove, I wanted to reaffirm my dedication to my wife Abby, who deserves nothing less.

Welcome Home
Someone asked me to smell her perfume the other day, and I told her that my wife wears a legacy scent called Tuvarra. “But in all honesty, it’s not Abby’s perfume I like. Even on Sundays when she’s still in her jammies, it is Abby herself who smells like love, like that quiet place, like home.”

Married guys hitting on Bambi, or anyone else, of course, isn’t just “very distasteful of you,” as Bambi asserts, but also profoundly disrespectful to everyone involved.

In the comments that followed, Bambi told of running into an old friend, Laura Leigh Rampey (who was also friends with my sister Nicole), and said, “We hugged. We hugged long and I cried… I was flooded with emotions.”

Lately when I think of running into old friends and sharing intimate emotions with them, I think of this video, which, I realize, straddles the border between sentimental and smarmy, but it does move me at times…

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  1. Disrespect indeed.

    Just an observation: I’ve seen many interactions that I *knew* consisted of flirting or “hitting on”, but both parties were surprised I thought so. And I’ve seen many interactions that I categorized as innocent, when at least one of the parties was sure it was flirting.

    I’m sure Bambi is a better judge than me of the intentions of the people in question. Just saying that I personally would be skeptical either way.

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