Behold a Giant Muh

Welcoming Back My Hunger

One way I know I am myself is that I have a fairly high energy level combined with a good appetite. Those have both been missing for ten days since I caught a rather nasty head cold. I’ve been uncharacteristically malaisy, a combination of the disease and the meds I took for it. Nothing smelled good. Nothing tasted good. I couldn’t hear very well.

Then today, lunch sounded good. Abby gave me a Subway gift card (which she got from her work’s healthy eating program), so I had my usual veggie patty sub. It was great. I bounced around town, once again excited to be taking pictures. I shot well.

Then by four o’clock, I was hungry again, and got a veggie burger from Burger King!

Finally, and I can’t stress this point enough, I got over this illness without a doctor visit or antibiotics.

The Muh is giant again.

The sun sets behind our house this afternoon. It was sunny and warm all day.
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