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Starting the Next Ten

Wilson Arch south of Moab, Utah, soaks up the Sunset.
With Sierra the Chihuahua by her side, Abby tips her hat – which she just bought at a travel center in Endee, New Mexico – to a visitor on The Plaza at Santa Fe. She bought the jacket and the hat together, and wore them the entire trip.

Abby and I have just returned from our tenth anniversary vacation. We spent several days in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and several days in Moab, Utah, where we got married ten years ago. I accomplished most of my photographic goals, including photographing Delicate Arch in Arches National Park at sunrise.

The road is still on us: luggage scattered throughout the house, a patina of crushed insects and off-road dirt on Abby’s truck, the taste of road coffee and salted peanuts in us.

So begins the next ten years of our marriage. For as difficult as marriage can be, nothing compares, and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Watch this blog or The Traveller for a full trip report coming soon.

This was my first time to photograph Delicate Arch, where Abby and I got married, at sunrise.
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