Behold a Giant Muh

Phoning Dad from My Amazing Race

“Here’s a dollar, son. Stay someplace other than the wheel wells of a cargo plane.”

I dreamed rather extensively about my dad (who died in 2005) last night. Among other things, I told him that when I travel, I sleep in the cargo hold of buses to save money.

Connecting my dream with family was the news that my sister Nicole and brother-in-law Tracey announced today that they have a new puppy, Dauphine Eugenia Hammill.

The central theme of the dream seemed to be about me calling him on the phone as I was completing a leg of a hiking and climbing race at Canyonlands, on a volcanic trail I’d never seen before. After finishing the call, I went on to win the race.

Back at home, I wanted to show him my route, but my backpack is full of irrelevant maps and a large amount of various calibers of ammunition. I try to ask Abby where the correct map is, but she is planning an elaborate dinner party, which appears to be early-70s themed.

Last week’s hiking and photography trip, which included the soaring San Juan Mountains, figured prominently in my dream.
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