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The Romance of October

Wheat grass in our pasture is illuminated by the setting sun; I stopped mowing and ran to the house for a camera to make this image tonight.

Abby and I have returned from the Shoffner family reunion in Duncan, Oklahoma. I could only join her for the Sunday activities, but she had a great time Friday evening and Saturday, and camped well in our RV, Kokopelli.

Weather rolled through the state early Saturday morning. I don’t know how much science can be cited, but I can point to one anecdotal episode after another of Abby’s rheumatoid arthritis being directly affected by it, and this time was no different: flare up as the weather approaches, followed by profound relief as the system passes.

With the weather, we got a splash of rain Friday night, followed by cool nights and clear, blue-sky days. I decided yesterday and today to mow the patch, since it was getting a little ragged here and there. It might be the last time I mow until spring. Tonight, in the waning, clear evening light, the grass was still mostly green. The pastures that I don’t mow are tall with grasses going to seed.

Finally, October brings our wedding anniversary on the 12th. When I mentioned to a long-time coworker that Abby and I have been married nine years, she said, “It doesn’t seem that long.”

Nine years is a long time to be married. Abby and I have been through a lot together. As complicated as it can sometimes become, it’s all worth it. Abby and I are happy.

Abby and I smile for a camera Sunday at the Shoffner family reunion. Nothing in the world moves me more than her honest affection.
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