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Scribbly Notes and Senior Pictures

Abby works on photographing Gage and Tyler, her niece’s son and stepson, in Ryan yesterday.

Abby and I went to her hometown, Ryan, Oklahoma, yesterday, to make senior portraits of her niece Amber’s son and stepson. It was a productive session, and it was really nice to see Abby with a camera in her hand again.

On the way, we dropped the Kokopelli (our RV) off in Duncan. The Shoffner family reunion is next weekend, and while I can’t attend until Sunday, Abby will stay in the RV Friday and Saturday nights.

We found this combine parked at Abby’s stepmother’s house, and used it as a prop.
This is a selfie of me driving our RV to Duncan yesterday.

Here are some notes I scribbled along the way. More on these as I cogitate:

Joke my sister posted on Facebook last month: What do the Flying Wallendas and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have in common? The Wallendas have a cunning array of stunts.

Dream: a coworker, Christy, is in a panic when she needs to bring a dozen newspapers from a warehouse to the office. When I ask her why she is so upset, she explains that she didn’t make the cheerleading team.

After one pass at editing the senior portraits we shot yesterday, I feel we both shot well, despite working in the middle of the day. Here are our subjects, Gage and Tyler.
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