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Happy Mycoprotein Day!

Tom, Paul and Chele pose for an outdoor portrait Thanksgiving day.

The year’s Thanksgiving holiday was our time to celebrate Christmas, since the “kids” (Chele and Tom, and their son, our grandson Paul, who aren’t my kids, but in conversation are easier to call the kids) alternate which holiday they spend here and which they spend at home in Maryland.

There are few things as innocent as the eyes of a young child, like in this image of Paul watching our goat Buxton eat a pile of leaves I brought from the front pasture.

For our Thanksgiving/Christmas feast this time, Chele acted as chef, and I was her sous-chef. Between us we baked two chickens with dressing, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, sautee’d mushrooms, and so on, as well as making Abby’s pumpkin trifle and her Five Thing Cherry Stuff. My main course as a vegetarian was a product I got at a local health food store. My Tofurky wasn’t available, so I  had a different brand of turkey-like loaf, Quorn, made from a product called mycoprotein. It was pretty good.

We had fun doing it. Every time we are together, I feel like Chele and I bond more. I am proud that she is my step daughter, and that she, Tom and Paul are part of our lives. I am also moved when I see how much Abby loves her grandson.

Chele, Paul and Tom pose for the new family tradition photo: posing with the previous photo. By the time Paul is 18, this image is likely to be a lot different.
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