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Atheists Most Feared Question

The title of this entry is the title of a YouTube video in which the author, “MrMinistryMan,” apparently believes he “proves” the existence of God.

First of all, let me iterate this: as an atheist, I don’t fear any questions.

Now, the flaws in his video:

I have to say that I am sick to death of Christians who roll their eyes with a sarcastic lilt in their voices as they dismiss belief other than their own as ridiculous. I’m sure they’re just as sick of me doing it too. The difference, of course, is that religion is always barking at the door, wanting to change me. This video is exactly that, a pretentious and ingenuine effort to make atheists look foolish and irrelevant. It is not an effort to convert atheists or welcome them to Christianity.

Christians are particularly aggressive about attacking atheism. I am seldom accosted by a Jew or a Muslim, nor do I see videos like this one made by people of those faiths.

In conclusion, a challenge: give me a question I really do fear.

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