Behold a Giant Muh

The Wheels on My Spleen Go Round and Round…

I gave blood today. My long-time Oklahoma Blood Institute phlebotomist Tina took my unit, but not before inadvertently getting a “bad stat,” which is phlebotomist slang meaning that the hemostat on my line didn’t stay clamped, allowing blood and air to mix. The result was that she had to re-stick me in the other arm. The resultant double-bandage arrangement has led me to tell the unsuspecting that I donated blood twice today.

For years I donated plasma at OBI, but they don’t have a plasma machine in Ada any more, so i just gave whole blood. In addition to the standard free t-shirt, the donation also garnered me two free Oklahoma Zoo passes, which is great since Abby loves the zoo so much.

I donated today in the name of Ralph Milligan, who was Abby’s bother-in-law for 23 years. Ralph has a serious health concern and receives frequent transfusions, so if you live in Oklahoma, please consider donating in his name, which results in reduced cost of blood products for him.

I wasn’t going to let two needle sticks go to waste, so I am making up stories about two phlebotomists accidentally taking blood from me at the same time, my right arm being full of zombie blood, or them accidentally sticking my cybernetic arm.
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