An Adjudication in the Woodpile

Just a day after I deactivated my Facebook account, I read this article, which tells of a situation that is nothing short of Orwellian oppression. The second paragraph states…

Employers and colleges find the treasure-trove of personal information hiding behind password-protected accounts and privacy walls just too tempting, and some are demanding full access from job applicants and student athletes. In Maryland, job seekers applying to the state’s Department of Corrections have been asked during interviews to log into their accounts and let an interviewer watch while the potential employee clicks through wall posts, friends, photos and anything else that might be found behind the privacy wall. Previously, applicants were asked to surrender their user name and password, but a complaint from the ACLU stopped that practice last year. While submitting to a Facebook review is voluntary, virtually all applicants agree to it out of a desire to score well in the interview, according Maryland ACLU legislative director Melissa Coretz Goemann.

I don’t know who else reading this thinks this is dangerous and obscene, but I think it’s yet another excellent reason to get the hell out of Facebook. Make a stand against this kind of bullying. If a potential employer asks you for personal passwords or other very personal information like that, tell them you feel it is inappropriate, which it is.

It's not the government that's become a fascist regime, it's the business world.
It's not the government that's become a fascist regime, it's the business world.


  1. I fear they wouldn’t believe me if I told them I don’t have a Facebook account, rather than being impressed and immediately hiring me. ;-)

  2. They can search my name into the stone age and not find a Facebook account. By the way, Wil. I have decided to stop using “Google” as a verb.

  3. Amen to no Google verbing. Google is NOT the final say or only search engine around. What happened to the illegality of monopolies? Did’nt they break up the telephone company for this years ago?

    Someday there will be new fresh and varied search engines again.

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