Behold a Giant Muh

Sleepy Monochrome

“…i dream in colour
yes i dream in colour
when the world’s in black and sepia tone
or in sleepy monochfrome
i dream in colour…” ~ Conjure One

For the second night in a row I have dreamed about photographic film.

"Color" Film

Dream: I was a guest in the house of a young oriental man who admired me greatly. He was also a celebrity, because paparazzi hovered just outside of his house. He apparently trusted me enough to give me exclusive rights to photograph him and his new girlfriend in their glass house.

I was preparing to photograph him with Kodachrome film. As we set up for the shoot, I noticed that my stereo microphone was missing. I looked around for a while, then discovered my host had taken it for his erector set. Even after I discovered it and demanded it back, he still wouldn’t really admit to stealing it.

I decided I’d had enough, and started to pack my bags. As I was packing, in a backpack made of newspapers was a baby. It wasn’t mine, but I was taking it to its home.

On the way home I experienced severe thunderstorms in Konawa, Oklahoma, and decided that Konawa always gets hit with severe weather because it must be in a trough. The weather clears quickly to reveal an amazing sunset, then an amazing night sky, which I stop to photograph. I start to set up a tripod, but the night sky clouds are moving in super-high-motion speed. I open my backpack to see a dozen or more types of film.

This activity attracts the police (I know, again?), who question why I am parked beside the road. One officer takes my wallet (not just the license) to the hood of his patrol car, where we both discover a trove of tools and toys (I guess for the baby) inside. By the time they leave me alone, the sky is back to normal.

This is my friend Ann editing a piece of black-and-white film 12 years ago. Why am I suddenly dreaming about film?
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