Behold a Giant Muh

Wood Smoke and Moonshine

Th sun goes down tonight behind our Shumard Oak. A cold front passed last night, and tonight there is a freeze watch.

The moon was full a couple of days ago, and here in the country the coyotes are out in force. Sunday night Abby and I heard one right outside the back door, so Abby asked me to get a gun and make sure all our critters were safe. All three dogs (we are babysitting one right now) and the goat were fine. I had one of my 9mm Rugers, which has a tactical flashlight on it. I scanned the edges of the pasture with the light until I found a glowing pair of eyes at the tree line to the west. I followed it until it disappeared into the woods.

On evenings when I can, I like to wait outside for Abby as she gets home. It gives me a chance to be outdoors for a few minutes, and she loves seeing me waiting for her, which I was tonight. As I went out to wait, I first went into the back yard to pull down a mimosa branch for Buxton the Goat, and as I did so I was greeted by that most amazing smell of autumn, fireplace smoke. Autumn is here.

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