Choo Choo a Go Go

Except for antlers, I really haven't changed all that much.
Except for antlers, I really haven't changed all that much.

Dream: a train approaches, and as it gets very loud, I look outside to see a train being driven past our house on a flatbed trailer. The trailer stops, and the engine of the train unhooks itself, makes a u-turn, and comes up the driveway. I am convinced that Abby has done something to offend the engineer, and I am equally convinced he is intent on crashing through our living room where Abby is napping.

Other topic, this one about getting old, hopefully gracefully: today my haircuttist asked me if I wanted her to trim my eyebrows. I humbly told her yes. I would rather be “the old guy who gets his eyebrows trimmed” than “the old guy with bushy eyebrows.”

Then tonight someone I have known since I have lived in Ada since 1988 told me tonight that I “hadn’t changed.” Hmm.

Then a drunk elderly former football coach felt me up. It was a very weird day.

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  1. The antlers are very flattering, and help distract from the weird thing you’re doing with your mouth. :-) I think more middle-aged men should sprout antlers; it may be the new fad of the ’10s. (Tens? Teens? I’ll have to ask my grandma what they called it.)

    So far, my least favorite thing about aging is the new and inconvenient hairs migrating to various places on my ears, face, nose, etc.

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