Behold a Giant Muh

Summer Sessions

Abby carries Sierra the Chihuahua last night at the Byng High School track. Sierra has shorter legs than Max, so Abby sometimes picks her up on the curves and puts her down on the straight parts.

One thing I have been trying to encourage my wife to do is walk the dogs with me at the track at Byng High School. We both have busy lives, and sometimes she is just too tired after work to do it. So I straddle the line between encouragement and nagging, and sometimes I am able to coax her into walking. Typically we walk a mile, right around sunset. Sometimes we see other people, and sometimes we have the place to ourselves. It’s one of my favorite things to do with Abby, since it’s good for us, it’s outdoors, and the dogs have a great time as well. I usually walk Max, and she walks Sierra.

It probably goes without saying that I always have a camera with me, and that includes the times we walk our dogs. I made this image of a lone oak tree at sunset last night at the High School.
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