Behold a Giant Muh

Pandora’s Box and the Mohedrus

This is the lighted sign above El Comedor restaurant in Moriarty, New Mexico, which we nicknamed “The Mohedrus,” a fictional four-dimensional object and title of David’s fantastic blog.

In tenth grade I had an English teacher named Gil Hernandez, who many of my long-time readers might recognize as the teacher who got me started writing in my journal. Hernandez was big into the transcendental meditation scene in that era, the late 1970s, and the yearbook staff wrote two stories about him and meditation. In one of the stories, it says, “The details of their meditation practices and initiation are kept in a Pandora’s Box, known only to those few who have chosen to join.”

When my friends and I thought about what might be in the Pandora’s Box, we decided it must be a mirror.

Flash forward to Moriarty, New Mexico in 2001. After David Martin and I had conjured the word “Mohedrus” we kind of kept an eye out for what it must look like. Upon spotting a unique neon and steel moving sculpture sign at a restaurant in this I-40 town, we though surely we had found it, and when David started blogging in 2007, it was obvious that his blog would be called The Mohedrus. He even uses one of my images of it as his banner.

Flash forward to last week. My wife Abby saw these really cool looking starburst mirror sculpture lawn ornaments in the Collections Etc. catalog and bought me one. For reasons unknown they sent us two, which was fine with us since both together were $8. She got them as a surprise, and when I opened the box I immediately thought of the Mohedrus, but also of some sort of latter-day super Pandora’s Box. I think that they are some sort of Mohedrus interface, like an ethernet connection to the 24th century perhaps. Since there are two of them, I believe they are correctly known as the Pandoran Interface Mohedri.

These two mirrored lawn ornaments were a gift from my wife, and simultaneously represent The Mohedrus and Pandora’s Box.
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