Behold a Giant Muh

Achy Breaky Editing Day

I have the day off today. I originally planned to get a whole lot of little things done today, and so far it’s coming along nicely. Mostly what I have accomplished is editing tons of images from our Utah trip two weeks ago. They have not left me wanting. I’m still a week or two away from being ready to publish my trip report on The Traveller, however.

Vivid dreams recently, all in first person, all in color, some beautiful, some very emotional. Last night I dreamed about eating meat, which I haven’t done in the real world since 1989.

Abby is home today also, though sadly it is due to a migraine. I gave her two Maxalt-MLT, and while her head is better, it means she will sleep the entire day.

Assuming the wind isn’t too far out of control, I might go dig in the garden and/or mow.

Screen shot from Adobe Bridge of some of the images I am editing this morning; at the time I shot them, I wasn’t overwhelmingly pleased with them, but now that I am working them, I like what I am getting.
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