Ship of Fools on the Day of Fools

I’ve never been much of an April Fool’s Day prankster. People who are often think it’s an excuse to humiliate others to “score” a fool, but I think there is probably enough defacto humiliation in our world every day without a special day to encourage it.

This is the fooliest image I could find of myself.
This is the fooliest image I could find of myself.

There are exceptions. Today, the always bitingly satirical Maddox has “announced” he has changed his web site to a photoblog format, and won’t be changing it back. Those of us who follow his obscenity-tainted rants with great amusement know that this is 100% April Fool’s, but it’s fun to watch knowing that some percentage of his fans will go ballistic and shoot him angry emails until they figure it out. It’s also cool because the photoblog he put up is dense with all the elements of photoblogs he despises. I’m sure it will be gone tomorrow, so click through now, then again tomorrow to see the difference:

Here are a couple of non-April Fool’s Day tidbits. The first is that I dreamed two teenage girls broke into our house, and I shot one of them in the back of the head. Justin at our office laughed out loud when I told him that. Also (and if you are my wife, don’t read any farther), it appears that Max has been digging out of the front yard, and I caught him yesterday with bones I believe belonged to Coal, our goat who passed away last year. I know that’s dark and weird, but dogs will be dogs, and that’s what they do.

On the other hand, here is a piece of good news: it looks like I will be teaching at the college again this summer, which I did last in 2007. I’ll talk more about it on my teaching blog, but I thought it nicely offset the notion of our pets eating each other.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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