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Days with My Love

Abby smiles over hot coffee as she looks over the menu at IHOP in Shawnee today.

Abby and I slept in on this Saturday, somewhat accidentally. Once we got going, we drove to Shawnee, Oklahoma, about 50 miles away, to shop for light fixtures for the house to replace our aging ceiling fans. We had lunch at IHOP; Abby had steak and eggs, and I had a garden omelette, and both were great.

We didn’t find anything at the Lowe’s in Shawnee, so we drove on to Norman, where we had better luck. We ended up with four new brushed nickel fixtures. We also got some household shopping done at Target, which we prefer to Wal Mart by about a factor of 60. Finally, we stopped by Academy Outdoor and looked at cool outdoor stuff like tents and flashlights.

The real nature of the day, though, was that she and I were on the road together, talking and laughing the whole time. I love days like this with my love.

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