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Another oil spill entry:

Lots of people on Facebook are clamoring for a boycott of BP, the giant oil company that owned the Deepwater Horizon, the Gulf of Mexico drilling rig that was destroyed and caused the largest oil spill in U. S. history (though not the largest in the world). Here was my comment about one of them…

The problem with a boycott like that is that ALL the oil companies have the same agenda, the same lack of scruples, the same slack safety standards, and the same commerce-driven business model. It was just BPs turn. Do you still boycott Exxon? Enron? WaMu? WorldComm? The NEXT oil company that has a spill? Boycotting BP might make you feel good in the short term, but in the end, if we are a part of commerce, we are also a part of the problem in the bigger picture.

Map from showing what the oil spill would look like if it moved to our home here in Ada, Oklahoma

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