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Rabbit: Some Fun Easter Facts

Okay, some basic truths about the Easter bunny:
1. Although his name is Harvard Jerome Bunnington III, most people call him “Harvey”.
2. He doesn’t lay eggs. The eggs are laid by his wife Jessica the night before Easter, Easter Eve.
3. If you laid all of the Easter eggs laid by Jessica on that single night end-to-end at the equator, most of them would sink to the bottom of the ocean.
4. Harvey spent four years in a Guatemalan insane asylum. Coincidentally, those were the same years that Santa was in a Burmese prison on trumped-up drug-running charges. Those four years, 1933-1937, were known as “The years without a Santa Claus or an Easter bunny,” but television producers thought “The Year without a Christmas Tree” would be a better title.
5. Santa’s wife is also named Jessica. Jessica is the most popular name among the holiday glitterarty, and includes Jessica Valentine and Jessica Julyfourth.

A rabbit ponders its destiny at the 94th annual Pontotoc County Free Fair at the Pontotoc County Agri-Plex Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010.
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