Wow! It makes a really cool noise when I whack this notebook on my steering wheel!

Myiasis = infestation with maggots.

“Government pork is lower than dog vomit.” -D

“Am I sharp and pointy and heavy?” -R

“My modus operandi is nothing but a diarrhea-ic thought process.” -D


If you don’t try to drag me down to your level,
I promise not to try to haul you up to mine.

Abbrevurrito = small Mexican snack

Free-range Janitors Association

“If you poke into something hard, back up! You may be in the wrong hole.” -T

My apartment is so small you couldn’t raise veal in here.


Beer on chili, farts really silly.

“She’s just like him, only she doesn’t have a dick!” -D’s friend

Carefully vomit.

“The search for the absolute always ends in hot, futile tears.” -D

“If the world ends, what about all those people who live underground? Under the earth,
you’ve got movement and motion everywhere. What would happen if gravity stops working?
I pray every night that it doesn’t.” -a friend’s mom (“Is she institutionalized?” -T  “No, she’s dead.” -R)

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