Once a Creep, Always a Creep

Thea's hands
Thea's hands

Around the dinner table with my Norman, Oklahoma friends (a group known by several names, such as The Thirty Something Group [despite the fact that we aren’t 30-something any more], The Breadmaker Group, and The Bohemian Continuum) a couple of weeks ago, I revealed a not very secret secret that those closest to me, like my wife, already know: I look at women’s hands, kind of obsessively. I related a story about having these feelings in third grade, explaining to them that when Mrs. Dzialo was at the front of the room, I stared at her hands, particularly that fold that forms just behind the little finger when hands are closed. It looked really sexy to me, in the way an eight-year-old sees sexy.

When I was done with this story, Thea said, “So, you’ve always been a creep?”

After the laughter died down, I said, “Yes. Yes I have.”.

  1. OMG! I loved Mrs. Dzialo! Not that I ever noticed her hands, though. Hmmm Good Genes or Good Docs?

  2. I'm guessing most people have varied fascinations with specific body parts, but most won't admit it.

    For me, it's always been eyes. There are so many variations and patterns, colors, shapes, etc.

    Now, you'll catch me avoiding people's eyes in public situations. That's only because I'm overcompensating, afraid of staring at the eyes.

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