Steph posted six things about herself that were “quirky” after she allegedly got “tagged” by a friend. Whether or not she really got tagged, or was just looking for a forum to confess her darkest secrets, I suppose we will never know. I did this once before after Wil Fry got tagged, but I think it’s fun and funny.

I consider it a challenge to be at least as quirky as Steph, so here is my own list of quirks…

  1. I know for memory all the Ada area public safety radio frequencies. If you have a scanner, just ask and I can program it for you without looking anything up.
  2. My father loved Potted Meat Food Product (which often lists as an ingredient “partially defatted beef fatty tissue”), and was the inventor of Baloney Salad, which is like Tuna Salad, only made with the cheapest baloney available.
  3. My wife has at least three pairs of socks that make me lose control.
  4. I wash my car about twice a week. I like it a whole lot more when it’s clean.
  5. I hate being in the water, like swimming.
  6. Mozart’s Laudate Dominum makes me think about flying, and often brings tears to my eyes.

There’s six. I win!

  1. “Whether of not she really got tagged,” said Richard R. Barron.
    I think it’s Whether “or” not. I thought I would point out this spelling SNAFU since I’m pretty sure that “Grammaring” thing was aimed at me, Randy.

    p.S. i Dont spell gud neether!

  2. No, technically saying “of” instead of “or” is a typographical error, not a grammatical error.

    So far three people have told me that they thought I was talking about them when I was discussing the whole “I” versus “me” issue. All I can say is that yes, I was talking about all of you, and you should all be deeply, deeply ashamed. Hang your heads. Weep bitter tears of grammatical insignificance. Wear your hair shirts and flog yourselves without mercy.

  3. Quirky and all, but the photo is truly disturbing. Have you really sunk to shooting Tin Person Porn close-ups?!?

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