This is Like Three Dreams in One

Dream: a girl who went to my high school, Denice Warren, was entered in a long mountain foot race that involved stopping periodically to eat hot peppers that the natives grew along the trail just for that purpose. Suddenly we realized we were at the wrong end of the course, and started to hike from the finish line to the starting line. I looked around to discover that Denice had taken a red Blackhawk helicopter to save time. She flew along side us.

Part of the trail went through the energy bar section of an open-air grocery store. I tried to buy a Rice Crispy’s square, only to find that most of them were place holders with arrows showing how to exit the store. Near the top I stopped in the newsroom, where a reporter and I asked our sport editor a question, which made him mad due to safety concerns, since he was on the phone to the helicopter. I sat on the floor and drew a square on a large piece of paper with chocolate cake batter. After a few moments, I went outside and was on a rocky mountain top. I saw reporter Judd Morse, who was conducting a social engineering experiment . His jacket was torn in half, and he was offering robin’s eggs to passersby from a large basket in his hands. I took three of them.

  1. My favorite part was you drawing the square with batter. I can actually see you doing that, one day soon, when you finally SNAP! :-)

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