Detention Block AA23, Cellblock 1138

Angry rant alert!

And furthermore, I would like to add that I think groups like Alcoholics Anonymous are the great enablers of society’s ills. It goes like this…

  1. Your life is a piece of crap because you are too lazy or stupid to make it what you want (or have been so lazy and stupid in the past that you ruined it)
  2. You drink or smoke dope or beat your wife or molest your kids because of your lazy, stupid life, and how bad you feel about it (extensive sub-topic: how you feel is your decision)
  3. At some point you realize just what a piece of crap you are (which isn’t even what’s really up; the truth is that your actions are crappy)
  4. You seek help from some other poor bastards like yourself, like AA or CoDA (in the movie When a Man Loves a Woman, the husband refers to the alcoholics in treatment with his wife as “a bunch of losers feeling sorry for themselves”, which pretty much cuts to the chase)

I have personally seen therapy sessions based on the Twelve Steps model, and they were a complete waste of time.

Additionally, if you are close to someone who is pulling all this crap, kick them to the curb. NOW! Don’t bail them out of jail, don’t listen to their dumb apologies, and especially you battered women out there, don’t let them hurt you another day. You don’t need enabling, chatty, ultimately pointless groups like AlAnon or NarcAnon or any others if you get rid of the problem. If you can’t kick them out because you “love them so much,” or if you actually had the terrible judgment to have kids with someone who beat you or otherwise sh!t on your life, then you’re just an idiot and you have it coming.

I realize you want to feel like you are part of something. It’s human nature, buried deep inside, like the way dogs travel in packs. If your life is empty and meaningless, you can be part of something by hanging out with dope smokers or hanging out with alcoholics, or the worst, having babies. Trying to make your empty life full by reproducing is immoral. Self-destruction is one thing, but ruining a life from its very beginning is unforgivable.

Sadly, I don’t have an answer to the problem of empty, soulless people and their pointless downward spirals. There but for the grace of a large, low-mileage brain go I.

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  1. I agree with everything you wrote here. especially the part about AA being more of an enabler. true that! not a fan of the 12 step programs. and you can’t fix me. I already made the wrong choice is. and I have resigned myself to live with them. but I send him to jail I do not bail him out. he will not beat me because I will beat him back. and he drinks because he likes it. alcohol is his liquid lover.

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