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Professional Photographer Richard R. Barron
Professional Photographer Richard R. Barron

Professional photographers Richard R. Barron and Abby S. M. Barron offer a variety of commercial imaging services. Products available include portraiture, weddings, advertising, videography, commercial and industrial photography, personal photographic instruction, and more.

Richard and Abby’s fee is $300 per photographer per hour, plus expenses. Hourly charges apply to both shooting in the field and post-production.

Our product includes creation of journalistic-styled imagery of your event, products or people, and includes basic post-production editing. Typically still photographs are offered on physical media, but may also be offered as an online product at the client’s request. Props, rental space, extra lighting, food, aircraft or boat rental, or other expenses are the responsibility of the client. Creating a photo album or photographic prints of your images is not provided.

Professional Photographer Abby S. M. Barron
Professional Photographer Abby S. M. Barron

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  1. Hi Richard and Abby,
    I’d like to contact you about licensing one of your images for an online course I’m developing, but I can’t seem to find contact information. Is there an email address I can reach you at?
    Thank you!

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