All Good Things…

My photography class at East Central University ends tomorrow. When I taught there four years ago, I felt a distinct sense of sadness when it ended, and if anything, I feel that even more now than then. This group of students really shined for me, and I hope that they not only had a lot of fun and learned a lot, they also consider me a friend.

Yesterday and today I shot some footage for a short video scrapbook. It’s five minutes long, and will give you a chance to meet my students and get a little bit of the feel for how we worked together this summer. Check it out…


  1. Awesome job, Richard! And I do think of you as a friend. It’s been a great class. I’m sad it’s over 🙁

  2. Amazing video Richard. I loved this class so much, and I am sad that it is over, but happy at the same time because I walked away knowing way more than I ever thought possible.

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