The Ones that Get Away

On the road last night, I spotted a Basset Hound playing in a huge puddle in a yard with the sun going down behind him. I figured I would at least try to get a shot, maybe from across the street with my 300mm. The instant I stopped, however, he wanted to be friends, and trotted over, barking the whole time. Animals are always hard to photograph because the presence of a photographer, or any other people, tends to get their attention.

Friendly but uncooperative Bassett Hound
Friendly but uncooperative Bassett Hound

The problem, in my photographer’s mind, is that people, when being photographed, should know better. You’d think that with the drillions of cameras around that people would get used to being photographed and relax. But I challenge you to try to photograph someone (other than Abby and me) and see if you can get them to relax and be themselves. I actually have to tell people all the time to stop posing.

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