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Your Host: Photographer Richard R. Barron
Your Host: Photographer Richard R. Barron

1: I am not a pixel warrior, meaning I believe there are about 20 things more important to consider about your camera (or which camera to buy) than pixel count. Pixel count is an easy way for merchants, from the lowly 20-something in his blue shirt at Best Buy to the vaunted head of Sony or Warner Brothers, to tease rich amateurs into buying more camera than they need, or more frequently, the wrong camera for their needs. More on this later.

2: I am not a brand warrior. For the most part, I have Nikon cameras, but my wife and I also have Canons, Olympuses, and even a Kodak or two. As I tell my photography students, it would be hard to buy a bad digital camera with the selection currently at hand.

3: If you are relying on this blog, or any blog, or any photography review web site, to decide about what cameras you need, you need to turn off your computer and go take some pictures.


  1. Good Afternoon, Richard:

    I’m starting at the beginning of your The Heart of the Image blog so I may learn some wonderful things. 🙂 Thank you for always taking the time to answer my questions. – Whit

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