A Rare Occasion of Social Media Not Sucking

Abby holds "Bo" in the back yard last night.
Abby holds “Bo” in the back yard last night.

Last night as I was finishing some outdoor work, I discovered I was being stalked by a tiny brown Chihuahua. This animal was far smaller than our own Chihuahuas, Sierra and Max, and was both very curious and terribly shy. He repeatedly approached me, then darted away when I knelt to pet him.

He followed me to the house started flirting with our dogs on the other side of the fence in the front yard. I called Abby out, and she was able to use her wiles to coax the tiny animal into her arms. We brought him inside and tried to feed him, but he showed no interest in eating. Max was particularly interested in sniffing him because he was not neutered, which also meant that he tried to mark everything with urine. We got the dog cage out and put him in it, and sat down to decide how to proceed.

Turning him loose on the neighborhood wasn’t an option. We live close enough to the main road that such a small dog would likely not fare well there, and we live close enough to the woods that coyotes are a serious threat to an animal that size.

Abby and I would certainly be frantic if one of our dogs was missing.

I know. I’ll post it on Facebook.

During the night he cried some and kept us up. In the morning we debated what to do. We could take him to the animal shelter. We could make “found dog” posters and nail them to telephone poles. Or we could just wait and see what social media would yield.

Then later in the morning, after some confusion that resulted from someone posting a picture of another dog on the thread, the owner posted a picture, and we posted a picture, and sure enough, the two were reunited. I dropped off “Bo” at the school where his owner works early this afternoon. Job well done.

The Chihuahua we found last night, "Bo," has been returned to his owner.
The Chihuahua we found last night, “Bo,” has been returned to his owner.


  1. (Hey, sorry about that “confusion”. I realized after I posted my photo that a couple of people had mistaken my photo for the dog *you* found. Oops. You know I meant well.)

    But yes, social media helped find the owner of the dog on my porch yesterday too. Our neighborhood has a non-public Facebook page, where we communicate about local events, HOA rules, lost pets, etc. I posted my photo there, and the owner located their dog in less than an hour. Yay!

    Unlike you, I didn’t have a spare cage, nor any other place to keep the dog so the owner would know *exactly* where to find it, but I was able to give a “last known location”, and another neighbor added to that as the dog wandered down the street. The owner came by and found her. It was raining steadily at the time, and the dog was chattering as if freezing (though it was 70°F outside).

    There really are good moments on social media, and it can be a powerful tool for good at times. :-)

  2. We have used social media (OK, Facebook) to get dogs back to their rightful owners. And for that, it is a very useful tool. Was that entirely what Mark Zuckerburg had in mind when he invented FB? I have to believe so! A dog recovery tool! Awesome. And today our cameras just happen to relay phone calls, too. The miracles of tech.

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