1. I ducked at the 1:16 mark; hopefully you got the bad guys that were just behind me.

    And I enjoyed watching the GPS map move so quickly during your night driving scenes.

  2. Well, two words come to mind: 1) inspiring, and 2) flippin’ bad ass.

    Night driving scenes are awesome. Well interspersed with all the other scenes, some of which, I couldn’t help but notice, were lensed by me.

    AND: what’s that music and how do I obtain it?

  3. Yeah, I just watched it again with my Bose headphones on. This thing is seriously f’ing awesome. I think it’s the best thing you’ve ever done. Well done, sir, and a high bar set for the rest of us.

  4. Well, the music just makes it. I also really, really like the night driving scenes. Can you talk a little about how you shot those?

  5. Oh wow, this was great all the best of Richard, sure are a one of kind journalist. I love how you document life!

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