Lifelong Recurring Dream: The Subterranean House

While napping this afternoon, I had another in a lifelong series of recurring dreams about an old, vacant house with a vast network of underground rooms and caves, and a narrow nest of rooms above the top floor. The oddest thing about this dream is that in the dream and often immediately after, it seems completely real and completely familiar, as if I had actually been to this house many times.

The subterranean rooms are so complex that the dream often features getting lost or trapped deep within, yet at the same time, I can, even as I write this, sort of picture a map of the entire complex of rooms and caves.

The area above the top floor is an attic that narrows to a gable that then narrows to a peak, with at least half a dozen very dusty rooms in it, all filled with spiders.

I have to admit that the dreamic symbolism is pretty obvious in this one, but its recurrence and its consistency continue to amaze me.

If my sister comments that she’s had the exact same dream for 40 years, bam! Instant mind blow.

The dream house with the complex subterranean rooms doesn't look exactly like this, but this might be a close facsimile.
The dream house with the complex subterranean rooms doesn’t look exactly like this, but this might be a close facsimile.


  1. You are standing in front of a white house with a mailbox.
    Open mailbox.
    Inside the mailbox is a key and letter.
    Get key.
    You now have the key.

    Move the rug.
    Beneath the rug you find a trap door.

    Any of this sound familiar?

  2. Same dream, except it’s all above ground. And here’s your mindblow: mom had a version, too.

  3. stephen Hawking on parallel universes yo. I bet the other Richard is like what is up with my insatiably desire for vegetables?


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