A Social Media Experiment

I performed a short social media experiment today. I briefly reactivated my Facebook account (which only involves signing in). I then went to my list of “Friends,” and deleted any of them who…

  • I didn’t really know
  • I didn’t actually like
  • Posted vast amounts about people I don’t know
  • Regularly reposted things they found on other Facebook sites
  • Posted anything about soap operas
  • I originally added because I knew them in high school or college but don’t actually know in my life now
  • Added me because I am a public figure
  • I originally added because I knew them from another social media site
  • Had excellent blogs but stopped posting to them when they joined Facebook

Number of friends when I started: 206.

Number when I finished: eight, four of whom are blood relatives, and one is my wife.

A 26-fold reduction in social media friends seems about right.
A 26-fold reduction in social media friends seems about right.


  1. I do love how Facebook assures you — when first deactivating your account — that it will be deleted after X amount of time, but… When you go back after two years to sign it, it’s all still there, including stuff you specifically deleted before you deactivated the first time…

  2. Richard Rudolph Barron! I am inferring that you are implying that I lack originality based on your rejecting me as a Facebook friend. for your information my dear dear friend, I happen to be the most original original whom

    you will ever know


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