Plenty of Lettuce for the Discoverers

Dream: I am poking around in the back yard with a metal rod, trying to find where the ocean is deep enough to float my destroyer. I follow the softer soil to a spot on an embankment where my rod goes all the way in. Actor Morgan Freeman is then with me. As I probe the soil, a small part of the embankment gives way to reveal hundreds of clear plastic toilet seats neatly arranged on a shelf. I peered in to see an entire warehouse full of materiel. Morgan and I realize this must be “his” secret cache, although it is unclear who “he” is. We enter and search, finding room after room of furniture, personal effects, and collectables. We prepare to leave. Morgan Freeman has become my flying buddy Tim Roehl, who sits down at a large table where snacks have been prepared for us. “Look at the lettuce. Whoever left this was just here. Taste this.” I taste the lettuce, which is only slightly wilted, and decide that “he” must have been there less than seven hours ago.

The turtles probably knew about this all along.
The turtles probably knew about this all along.

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