“Pulse and Build,” Formerly Known as “The Decision”

Robert and I had some free time Friday afternoon, so we decided to cobble together a movie. We originally called it “The Decision,” but after looking at it again, and refining the order and sequence of the clips slightly to improve the timing and strength of the shots, I decided to name it after the song in the soundtrack. I don’t know its name, since it came from a video game demo disk Michael gave me 16 years ago. I thought it had a nice pulse and build, so I called it “Pulse and Build.”

The action in the movie makes me think our protagonist is an anti-hero on his way to commit some neccessary atrocity, but it probably leads the average viewer to think it is a self-important half-joke by two nurds with too much time on their hands, which it is.


  1. I’m not enough of a videographer to comment on the video itself.

    But seeing that jacket made me start sweating… (We broke another record yesterday at 103°F so I can’t even imagine jacket weather right now…)

  2. This is a movie about a man who lost his keys from the perspective of the bird who stole his keys.

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