“90 Percent of All Sneakers Are Cool”

In 1992, I bought some surplus VHS video cassettes at the Ada Public Library. Three of them were called Best of the Fests, which were collections of films from film festivals. On one of those was a 1988 short film called Spartacus Rex. It was the best of the Best of the Fests, and I have been enjoying it and occasionally quoting ever since.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been trying to find it online to share it, but I have only been able to find short clips and outtakes, not the entire 16 minute film.

It was made by Loch Phillipps and Caroline Skaife, who I assume are also in the film. Ownership of it is currently claimed by Offramp Films, although it is entirely possible that they let the Copyright, which lasts for 18 years, expire, and it it is in the public domain. I have decided to put the entire film here, because I think it is very funny and exceptionally creative. If its owners ask me to take it down, I will without protest, but at the same time it would be my hope they would offer the whole film for sale on iTunes, just because it’s too good not to share.

Since it is over 300MB, it may take some time to load. Check it out. I think you’ll like it as much as I do…


  1. Richard, you are too kind. And thanks for posting the film. We are not the copyright kinda people so mostly just pleased to see someone like yourself enjoy it. Funny, I certainly wouldn’t say Spartacus Rex is a hugely popular film or anything, but it has inspired a few responses like yours, a few people who seem to really like it. Lee and I appreciate that big time. We’re married now but not making films together so much any more. That said, I’m getting close to done with another “Art” film, my first in many years.

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