Do You Know or Own this Dog?

Lost terrier; email us and we'll get him home to you as soon as we can.
Lost terrier we temporarily called Stoney.

Update: Shannon at PAWS told me today, June 3, that they found a home for Stoney!

Abby and her coworkers saw this dog around Pre-Paid Legal Services headquarters yesterday, and as Abby was leaving work, he was still there. Concerned that he might be run over by the exiting traffic at the business, she opened the door to her truck and he hopped in. Since this all happened on Stonecipher Boulevard, we called him Stoney.

This little guy is well-behaved and affectionate; if you know whose it might be, email us.
"Stoney" is well-behaved and affectionate.


  1. Has anyone claimed Stoney? He’s precious!! He looks like my brother’s dog, Zoe.

  2. When I checked earlier this week, no one had yet adopted Stoney, but Shannon assures us that a dog like him will find a home.

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