Dream of Winds

Since it was windy outside as I slept this morning, which made a rumbling sound on the bedroom windows, I dreamed that there was a nuclear war.

I was preparing to go to an Ada High School football state championship game. I drove past the practice field to verify the game time, then started to drive north on Broadway toward home.

At this point in the dream there was a complex subtext that didn’t respect the timeline (it seemed to occur after the main events of the dream) about another photographer going to the game with me. He needed a camera with a decent lens, which I was unable to supply. At one point we were searching a van, presumably mine, for a 300mm, but what we found was mostly just tripod legs.

Then in the dream I was back on Broadway, driving home. I noticed a smoke plume far to the north that became a mushroom cloud, but it still looked like some kind of conventional explosion. I continued to drive and tried to call my wife Abby at her office.

Actual nuclear explosion captured by backup camera, October 2008.
Actual nuclear explosion captured by backup camera, October 2008.

I had the scanner in my car on, but there was no note of this event.

A flash occurred closer, followed by another mushroom cloud that was classically nuclear. I said out loud, “A nuclear war? Really?”

The blast wave approached, so I got out of my car (the Chevy Cavalier I had in 1990), and laid in the ditch by the side of the road. When it passed, I looked around for my car, which had been blown back into a yard about a block back. I walked back to get it, and was amazed that it would start. I tried again to call Abby, and while I was surprised to see that EMP hadn’t disabled my phone, for a moment I couldn’t remember the number for her desk. As I tried to think of it, there was a blinding flash from the Ada airport.

I got out of my car and covered by face with my hands, which were now wearing leather gloves. I realized I would die. I said out loud, “Goodbye Abby. I love you, I love you, I love you.”

(Now that I write this dream down, it all seems pretty transparent and obvious.)

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  1. Two Suns In The Sunset
    By Pink Floyd

    in my rear view mirror the sun is going down
    sinking behind bridges in the road
    and i think of all the good things
    that we have left undone
    and i suffer premonitions
    confirm suspicions
    of the holocaust to come
    the rusty wire that holds the cork
    that keeps the anger in
    gives way
    and suddenly it’s day again
    the sun is in the east
    even though the day is done
    two suns in the sunset
    could be the human race is run
    like the moment when your brakes lock
    and you slide toward the big truck
    and stretch the frozen moments with your fear
    and you’ll never hear their voices
    and you’ll never see their faces
    you have no recourse to the law anymore
    and as the windshield melts
    my tears evaporate
    leaving only charcoal to defend
    finally i understand
    the feelings of the few
    ashes and diamonds
    foe and friend
    we were all equal in the end

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