Red Means Stop

Quit staring at the moon and pay attention to your driving.
Quit staring at the moon and pay attention to your driving.

I know this should be obvious to people of adult age, but I guess not, based on an experience over the weekend. Red traffic lights mean stop. Flashing red traffic lights mean stop, then go when it’s safe, like a stop sign.

As Abby and I were turning left into a restaurant parking lot after stopping at the red flashing light, I said, “People lose their freaking minds in this weather,” referring to the ice and snow. At just that moment, some dillweed came right through the red light like it belonged to him alone, making no effort at all to stop or even slow down. He did, however, make no small effort to express his displeasure at me for turning.

He was wrong, and he will never know it.

Red. Means. Stop.


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  1. Dillweed is such a nice word for people like that.

    I keep wanting to get my video camera out and keep it focused on the stop sign that I can see from my back porch. My non-scientific count currently shows that only 1 in 10 cars actually stops there, though 3 in 10 will slow down really slow before driving through…


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