Amber Waves of Friend

Amber, from her FaceBook photo album
Amber, from her FaceBook photo album

I have lots of friends I know online. Some I have actually met. Others have been to many of the same places as I have. Still others were friends long ago, and we have reconnected online.

And then there is the special case of Amber. I got to know Amber online when I was searching Steph’s blogroll. Almost immediately I felt like genuinely liked Amber – her openness, her sense of humor, her energy, her engaging smile – and I have been reading her blog for some while. Recently, though, Amber has been struggling with some very deep issues in her life, and as a result, much to my chagrin, she stopped blogging.

Amber and Steph, from Steph's FaceBook album
Amber and Steph, from Steph’s FaceBook album

She remained active on FaceBook, however, and with the aid of a few instant messages, she and I have had a couple of really breakthrough phone conversations. I was right about her: I really do like her.
Amber would love to come to visit us and our various tiny animals, and I know Abby would like her as much as I do. She’s invited, and she knows that. Even if we never meet, though, I think Amber is my friend, and I am hers.

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