Meh. Muh. Gluh. Ner. Nuh. Gleh. Shner.

RE called to say he saw a t-shirt in a bin at MIT that simply said, “Meh,” which as my faithful readers know is one of our nomers. He asserted that the existence of said shirt was a direct result of the word virus principal, and that we are the source. Flattery, flattery. I am no more the source than a hole in the ground.

In conclusion, fleh.

Image: RE along a wall that no longer exists
Image: RE along a wall that no longer exists

  1. Though I’m not naturally that odd, I did enjoy having moments of oddness with RE when he was a part of my life! Stinker!! Why doesn’t he call ME?

  2. The wall was part of a popular greasy spoon right next to the ECU campus in Ada. It’s last incarnation was “Green River Crossing,” but it went by many guises over the years. Three years ago it, and two blocks of houses and businesses, were razed to make way for the multi-million dollar Halley Brown Ford Performing Arts Center at ECU.

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