C Name, C Name Run, Run Name Run

We have this excellent cadre of friends who live mostly in Norman, Oklahoma. Pam once nicknamed us “The thirtysomething Group” (though few of us are currently in our 30s), while at one time we all had bread makers, so we were, “The Breadmaker Group.” Names never stuck, but we always stuck together. My longest-lived friendship is with Michael, who I have known since we were 12. He married Thea in 1991. Anna and I met in high school. She married David in 1991. The other David and I lived in the same rooming house in college. He married Brenda in 1992. They’re still around. Ann came into the group in 1990. Some came into the group but didn’t stay. Kathy was in there somewhere (the dead one, not the gay one), as well as Joe and Lisa, Shel, Margaret, Ben, the Burke family, and Nurdlinger (I forget his real name.) Most of us have kids now.

One thing we have done for 20 years is have dinner together on Sunday. Usually the Norman residents take turns hosting, though once in a while we’ve gone to Moore when Margaret wanted to host. Also, Abby says that when she feels better, maybe in the fall, she and I should host. The Wheelocks have a big back yard, so they have a volleyball/badminton net set up, and I’d like to do the same, since we have the biggest yard of the bunch, probably bigger than all the other yards combined (we live on 12 acres.)

But I digress. I tell you today about our group to tell you this: we are still close, and still having just as much fun and camaraderie as always. Last night at dinner, Ann’s neice Jenny and her family were visiting. A friend of Jenny’s is expecting a baby, and wants to name the new child with a “C” name. We couldn’t let that challenge go, and spent an hour and filled up five pages of suggested names that start with C. I made a couple of minutes of video, but this went on all night.

  1. I hope you plan to give a copy of this video to the child’s mom, so she can show it to her child when she or he is older.

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